TOGAF9 Certification (Levels 1 and 2)

This four-day course consists of detailed instruction on The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) Version 9 in accordance with The Open Group’s Level 1 and 2 TOGAF® 9 certification requirement.

It highlights the benefits of using TOGAF®™ to create well-designed enterprise architectures and details the steps that can be used to create an enterprise architecture. Upon completion of this course, the delegate will understand the TOGAF®™ 9 framework and how it may be applied to support the design and implementation of enterprise architecture.

About TOGAF® 9 (levels 1 and 2)

The Open Group defines TOGAF®™ as a framework - a detailed method and a set of supporting tools for developing IT and Enterprise Architecture. There are many architecture frameworks, however TOGAF®™ is unique in containing a method for developing architecture; the TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM), that can be used with other popular frameworks. TOGAF® is the result of best practice that has been codified by the The Open Group's Architecture Forum. This has been done through the collaboration and participation of leading industry practitioners. Consequently, TOGAF®'s great strength is that it is non-proprietary and free to use. TOGAF® 9, as well as providing an Architecture Development Method, it now provides a Content Framework and Capability Framework that can be used as the basis for creating an organisation's enterprise architecture. TOGAF® 9 also provides a variety of tools, building blocks and resources to facilitate the process, design and development of enterprise architecture across four domains; Business, Data, Applications and Technology.

Why do your TOGAF® training with us?

All of our trainers are TOGAF® 9 Certified and have many years experience as either Enterprise Architects, Solution, Technical or Systems Architects.  Our courseware is augmented by a comprehensive case study and many anecdotal examples.  We pride ourselves on a simple mantra, "know how to apply TOGAF® in the real world first, this will give you a greater chance of passing the exams."  There are essentially two approaches to obtaining certification.  Learn the book by memory with no real appreciation of how to apply the method, tools and techniques in the world, or understand the theory, tools and techniques through real world examples and a pragmatic approach.  We at Celestial deliver TOGAF® using the latter approach.


Course code:TOGAF9-12
Duration:4 days
List Price:£1950
Pre-requisites:This course is open to a wide community of IT specialist including Business analysts, Designers, Architects, Project managers, System integrators, Business analysts, Program and project managers, and other business and technical specialists engaged in the development of enterprise architectures.
Delegates will learn:The history and future direction of TOGAF®, how to work with the Architecture Development Method (ADM), ADM Guidelines and Techniques, Architecture Content Framework, Enterprise Continuum & Tools, TOGAF® Reference Models, and the Architecture Capability Framework.
Customization:This course is NOT suitable for customization. It must be taught as is to meet The Open Group requirements for the exam.
Case Study:This course is supplemented with a case study.

Topics Covered

ADM Phases & Steps
Migration Planning Techniques
Stakeholder Management
The Architecture Repository
Guidelines for Adapting the ADM
Architecture Content Framework
Implementation Support Techniques
TOGAF® Reference Models